Monday, January 2, 2012


Since I happened to buy the out of town paper so I could get better coupon inserts than is in my local paper I did not receive any ads.
That of course included the Walgreens ad. I was able to look at the Walgreens ad on line.
Not a lot of interest to me. All those deals are for products I do not need or want. I do not use Alka Seltzer so why would I buy it just to get it at a low price. All the other products that give register rewards is also not of interest.
I will take a look at the toothpaste deal and see if I want to purchase that.
What I did see is I can buy low dose asprin which is good for the heart at a low price with my coupon from Sunday's paper.
Coffee mate with the printable coupon I printed a while back is a okay deal also. 2 for $3.00 minuse my two 75 cent coupons and ends up costing me 75 cents each.
Grab your ad and see what there is for you. I feel it is important to only buy what is of use or what I can buy at a good price to give to the food shelf.

Thanks for stopping by.. lets keep saving together. Grace

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