Saturday, December 19, 2009

Eating Out On Less Dollars .. Using a Coupon at One of Our Favorite Pizza Joint

Today before grocery shopping we stopped at one of our favorite pizza places. Pepperonis Pizza Joint in Richmond Texas. We love the Peperoni special with pepperoni, green peppers, black olives, and tomato slices. Crust is thin and sauce is spicy just right.
My coupon savings book had a coupon for 50 percent off a medium pizza. We added to soda's and our total bill with a tip was $12.44.
This is our third eating out with a coupon from the entertainment book.
Cost of Entertainment Book was $30.00, so far we have saved $17.00 eating out. You can now find this same book at half off on the internet. Next year I probably will wait to get it half off.

Thanks For Stopping By... Lets Keep Saving Together ... Grace

End of the Week Grocery Challenge Round up

Time to add up my grocery receipts and see how for the week ending the 18th. I had gone to Walgreen's twice , Kroger's once and Randall's once for a total of $31.63.

First trip was to Walgreens.I love FREE . Walgreens was offering 3 small cans of Tomato Sauce with in ad coupon. for $1.00. There was an internet coupon available to print. $1/3 printable coupon

Second trip was also to Walgreens Quick to Walgreen's today for some of their deals. Picked up 4 cans of Campbell's Cream of Chicken soup 69 cents each with in ad sale, 2 Coffee mates 2 for $3.00 , 3 cans of Progresso Soup for 99 cents each and 3 cans of hunts tomato sauce 3 for $1.00 with in ad coupon. Also picked up 6 bottles of coke 3 for $4.00. In additional all bottles had coupons on them offering $1.00 off 4 bottles Had coupons for everything and oop cost was $16.38.

Add a stop at Kroger's for Blue Bell Ice Cream on sale for $2.99 each, buying 2 for $5.98. A savings of 53 percent.

Last a stop for dairy products and bread at Randalls for a total of $9.27 at a savings of 25 percent.

So groceries for the week cost me $31.63 with 3 trips out to eat costing us 56.26 for a total of 87.89 less than our $125.00 budget. Total so far for the month is $179.51 for total food at home and eating out which is $70.49 under budget.
So how is your food budget doing so far this month. My goal is to eat out less and stay under budget. So far we are doing okay.
Thanks For Stopping By... Lets Keep Saving Together ... Grace

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Whats For dinner How About Some Meat Loaf

What's For Dinner tonight is Meat Loaf with lipton onion soup mix. We really love the taste. Will eat half tonight with baked potatoes and spinach. Tomorrow night will have home made hash with left over baked potatoes and meat loaf. Recipe is at this earlier post if you are interested in trying it

This is one of our favorite dinners. I only use 1 pound of hamburger. You could easily double the recipe for larger family or freeze one meat loaf for future dinner.

Thanks For Stopping By... Lets Keep Saving Together ... Grace

Monday, December 14, 2009

Menu Planning Monday

Time to get out my plan this week for dinners. A little late but better to plan it out late than not at all.
Monday Tonight we ate left overs of our Rotasserie Chicken, made Yukon Gold Instant potatoes that had been on sale, Chicken gravy bought on sale and peas.
Tuesday We will have home made Meat Loaf and Baked Potatoes. We bought 10 pounds a while back and need to use some of them. My meat loaf has onion soup mix mixed in and is fantastic.
Wednesday we will have the left over meat loaf and baked potatoes and make a fantastic hash out of it. Cook up some Over Medium eggs to go with it. Breakfast for dinner yummy
Thursday Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup with Chips ( have to work till 8 pm easy fast dinner)
Friday Home made Spagetti Sauce over Pasta and hot bread
Saturday Burritos and Refried Beans
Sunday Leftovers

Thanks For Stopping By ... Lets Keep Saving... Grace