Saturday, August 27, 2011


Tonight dinner was quick and delicious.  Sloppy Joes my way not your normal tomato base sloppy joes.
To my fried hamburger I add a can of cream of chicken soup, ketchup and mustard to taste and some salt and pepper.
Before you know it dinner is ready. Sloppy Joes, some beans and a few chips and pure comfort food.
Yum Yum

Hope that your evening is going great.. thanks for stopping by.. Grace


While fall is now in the air there are still lots of garage sales listed in the newspaper or on craig's list. It seems everyone is trying to get their garage sale done or even an extra one accomplished.
I grabbed the newspaper and hubby is on Craig's list. Together we make out a list of some of the sales we will go to.
It is now Saturday and we have all ready been to garage sales on Thursday and Friday. Thursday is quiet but there is always a few here and there. Friday and Saturday the main hunting days for us.
Rules are have gas in the tank, some water in the car, small bills in the wallet and aways know where the closest clean bathrooms are in every area of town.
Main goal is to find clean useful or vintage items we can resell either on line or at local auctions. If it is really cool it may even go to my case at the antique mall.
Some of my finds that will be passed on are 4 vintage dolls ( I have washed their faces so they look a little more desirable). They were a $1.00 each at a garage sale.
next is a vintage Big Boy bank. Cute and collectible. Not big dollars but hopefully I can make a profit. He came from a church sale benefit for kids with cancer. $2.00 is more than I would of liked to pay but good cause and maybe I will get some profit.Also found a small oil painting for $3.00 plus other items to sell including some costume jewelry.  All of these will be in a local auction after Labor day.
Hope that you are having a great garage sale season and if you are reselling I would love to hear your stories.
We have even found some items for our new apartment home. We are decorating mid century. Perfect for two seniors who lived mid century. Those were great times. Great music and first crushes. Oh the memories. Some days I share these stories with my granddaughters. Some of them are shared too often and when they repeat them to me we both have to laugh.
I will share some pictures of my mid century finds soon.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.. Grace