Friday, April 10, 2009

How We Throw Money Away

This morning as I am sipping that first cup of coffee my AOL has a story called Top Ways We Waste Our Money.
Here is the catch paragraph " How We Throw Money Away
As the recession continues to batter America, it's a perfect time to look at the money wasters in our life. So for the fourth time, we asked our readers what they think are the top ways to waste money. Click through our gallery and see if you agree with this list that we pulled from our message board. Are there worse ways you waste your money?"
Interesting to read different ideas. One change I will start doing is my shopping for carrots. No more baby carrots. They are so cute and so handy but yes very costly.
Here is the link, read for yourself.

Monday, April 6, 2009


I keep reading different blogs of feeding the families of 4 or 5 for $1200 or LESS a YEAR using coupons, rebates and free items. I really do not how they can do it. I use coupons, buy on sale but still spent between going out to eat and groceries $400 to $600 a month and there is only 2 of us.
We do not go to expensive places to eat, sometimes have a coupon to reduce our bill or get a senior discount.
I am adding a couple of these blogs to my site so I watch their progress. I plan on asking if they eat out and if so much how much is that amount a month. That needs to be added into the total budget. I know if we cut out the eating out I could cut ours in half. But that would not be a $100 a month would be $250 a month maybe. As I watch their progress maybe I will get some insight from these bloggers and cut my expenses some. Hope you will watch with me their progress and my progress. If you would like to be added to my watch site I would love to hear from you.