Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thrifty Share Monday ~ Searching Thrift Stores Estate Sales and Garage Sales May 9th

Thrifty Share Monday ~ Searching Thrift Stores,  Estate Sales and Garage Sales .. this is my update of what I have found  over the last week.
The garage sales have started and they are  a fun way to spend some of the weekend. We found some groups of books to put up for auction on ebay. We found several mysteries by Henning Mankell .. Kurt Wallander is the main character . Hubby put these up already and we have a bid. How fun and exciting is that.
 I found  several of James Patterson Woman's Murder Club. I want to find one more ( #3) before listing.
While searching some of our thrift stores I spotted some vintage first class Norwest Airlines glasses. Norwest is no more. Delta has bought them so they are a collectible airline item. They are now listed, time will tell if there is any interest in them.
I am busy listing more of my church spiral cookbooks that I bought a while back. Sold my last auction bunch and hope for more success.
Hope that you all had a fun weekend looking for your special deals or out on the thrift store hunts.
If you sell on the internet items you find while searching thrift stores or garage sales, I would love to hear your stories in the comment section.

Have a great day and happy hunting.
I will be sharing this posting at other thirfty sites..
Thrift Share Monday