Wednesday, April 10, 2013


 Hubby and I love to travel, to see new  places and  visit with people we have never met. We have traveled most of the US in the past years.  Traveled in a van with blow up mattress and owned a motor home for a few years. We have been to California and back more than once. Seen places that I did not think I would see.
The dream of travel is with me again. Yesterday hubby and I went and looked at a used motor home and two new trailers.  We sat with finance guy and got pricing options and walked away with information and brochure.
Okay so what can we do to make our dream come true and what is the real dream. Is it to have a small home base and travel some. Or is the dream to sell unneeded items and put other items in storage and travel for a year.
Decisions to be made but the important thing is to think it through. Check out all our options and find out what is the best idea for us.
We are leaning towards one of the new trailers should we decide to buy one. Used 2004 motor home is nice and only 37,000 miles but payments are higher than we want and just does not feel like a good deal.
The two trailers are not all that big and would sleep up to 4 if needed. Easy to pull and affordable payment wise if we make some adjustments in living quarters.
We could find a smaller apartment and do just fine. Our apartment is two bedrooms and 1 1/2 baths with spectacular views of Lake Superior. The decision is do we down size and travel more often or stay where we are and save money to travel as we can afford it.
We visited Las Vegas for a few days last month. This was our first trip in 5 years.  We did our trip there on a budget and even came home with money not spent. We put that money right back into our travel fund and planning a trip to New York this summer.
So the travel bug has got us but we are saving money for our travel and now deciding on whether to buy a travel trailer or not.
The more we can put down on this trailer the better it would be. Do you have the travel bug or a dream of something you are willing to save for.