Thursday, September 1, 2011


Today is Thursday and tonight we are going to our normal Thursday night auction. We have auctions on Monday's and Thursday.
We bought some WWW2 books and a set of Time Life Civil War books to sell at Thursday's auction. Hopefully they will get to them since they are full of items to auction off. Last week we had 8 WWW2  books and sold them for $102.50 we netted $82.00. We bought them for $8.00 and probably got more and sold faster than on eBay. Monday night auctions are not good for books for some reason.
The one thing I saw was some vintage Barbie dolls. Most have some body damage some where, green ears, legs stained and one has a split in neck area. They probably will get bid up to high for me to buy and resell. Time will tell.
What I bought last Monday night was some Las Vegas ash trays. I have started to collect ash trays from casinos and businesses. Since smoking is less popular these old ash trays can be collectible. Fun and inexpensive to buy most times.

I am now up to 18 Las Vegas or other advertising ash trays. This little silver colored one in the second picture almost went back to the auction house as an undesirable. I turned it over and see that it says
copyrighted made in Occupied Japan. It will stay in my collection for now.
Thanks for stopping by and hope that you have a great rest of the week. Grace

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Garage Sale Find Nautical Ship Vintage Rhinestone Jewelry Found

Good morning everyone, happy Sunday
Yesterday was another garage sale day for hubby and me. We started out with newspaper in hand. I had listd the closest 6 garage sales in order. Each one was a dud. Either their was nothing for us to resell or it was so over priced there would be no money to be made. My rule of thumb is double at least. If it is a larger priced item I lower that goal at times.
As the day waned away we started to find a few items. Garage sales can end any where from 12 to 2 so hunting has to be fast and fierce.
At one sale hubby spotted 2 lamp shades. One would go on a vintage lamp we put into our home. Once on we have decided not quite perfect, to large maybe. Will remain till I find another one to my liking. Second lamp shade was a brown wicker one. Hubby said he would put on the auction table and hope to make a little money. I was not so sure. But must of been karma because at end of day I spotted this nautical ship that was a lamp. These do sell at the auction house. And it was missing its lamp shade.

Here it is cleaned up and sporting the wicker lamp shade.  It will go to the auction house in September.
As the day ended we stopped at one of our last sales. They had advertised decoys but were all sold old.
On the check out table were baggies of jewelry. Colorful rhinestone jewelry she had bought years ago from a flea marketer seller. Best of all it was end of the day and she was dealing. I got all of this for $25.00. The silver colored piece needs work but otherwise everything is ready to be sold at one of my three outlets ( eBay, antique store case or auction house).  No marks on any of the pieces but still pretty and desirable.
These are just a few of our found treasures. Thanks for stopping by to visit and hope to see you again real soon.. Grace