Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Selling keys on eBay can be profitable if you can find enough. I am talking about just ordinary keys. Not the vintage skeleton and barrel keys, those can be even better.

At an auction a couple of weeks ago I bought a large jar full of keys for $10.00. Last night they sold for $81.00 sale price.
Perfect for crafting or what ever the buyer wants. I was happy with the price as was hubby. Next time he will be pointing out a large jar of keys instead of saying huh.

Have a great day, what are you selling on eBay that surprises you.?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Tip For The Day Lets Go Clothes Shopping Without Guilt

Today's Tip For Today is going clothes or shoe shopping without the guilt.
Each time you go shopping and bring home a new outfit find an out fit that you are not wearing or one that really does not fit any more and donate it to a charity.
Some one else can enjoy that once owned outfit. We have 4 different charities in our town plus a location where clothes are given to those in need and meals are served to the hungry.
This is my favorite place to donate but I share with all charities since they are do good in different ways.

Thanks for stopping by for Tip For The Day.. Grace

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tidy Tip For The Day If You Do Nothing Else Make The Bed

If you do nothing else in your bedroom at least make the bed. I may not get the dusting done or sweep the hard wood floors but I want to make my bed. It instantly makes the bedroom seem cozy. The room will instantly seem organized if the bed is made.

Thanks for stopping by for Tip For The Day.. Grace