Saturday, September 22, 2012

Organize Those Articles and Tips

I am always finding interesting articles and recipes that interest me. Instead of hanging on to the whole magazine or newspaper I clip the interesting piece and put it into a file folder. That way I have it if I want to read again.

Thanks for stopping by to read what is on of interest to me today. Grace

Friday, September 21, 2012

SAVE A DOLLAR A DAY Get in the Habit of SAVING

Found today in todays news articles in the finance area was an article on saving a dollar a day and to start investing for your retirement.  Interesting article if you are want to start investing with a small amount of money.

I have jars on the window sill that holds my nickles, dimes and tins for pennys. I also throw a dollar in my cookie jar every once in awhile. Think I will attempt to get in the habit of throwing a dollar in every day. At this moment I think I have a couple of dollars in nickles and another couple of dollars in dimes. In the cookie jar is about $12.00. And then I have my penny jar with probably $5.00 or so.
Adds up to over $20.00 probably. Enough to maybe buy a share of face book if I wanted to and if I found a low fee broker.

Thanks for stopping by to read what is of interest to me today. Grace

Clutter Tip For The Day Subscription Magazines

Give up any subscriptions that you are not reading. Not only is it a waste of money but just adds to the clutter around your home.
For example one of our grandchildren was selling subscriptions for a fund raising. We wanted to help so we ordered one magazine. Every month it comes but neither of us sits and reads it. Next time we will tell them to order one they would like to read and just pay for it.
In the mean time the reading in the bathroom grows every month.

Thanks for stopping by. Grace