Friday, September 21, 2012

SAVE A DOLLAR A DAY Get in the Habit of SAVING

Found today in todays news articles in the finance area was an article on saving a dollar a day and to start investing for your retirement.  Interesting article if you are want to start investing with a small amount of money.

I have jars on the window sill that holds my nickles, dimes and tins for pennys. I also throw a dollar in my cookie jar every once in awhile. Think I will attempt to get in the habit of throwing a dollar in every day. At this moment I think I have a couple of dollars in nickles and another couple of dollars in dimes. In the cookie jar is about $12.00. And then I have my penny jar with probably $5.00 or so.
Adds up to over $20.00 probably. Enough to maybe buy a share of face book if I wanted to and if I found a low fee broker.

Thanks for stopping by to read what is of interest to me today. Grace

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