Saturday, March 17, 2012

RECENT LOCAL AUCTION SALE FINDS ~ Shoes Shoes and More Shoes To Sell On eBay

Just a week or so ago at one of the local auctions I found some women's shoes new or almost new in the box.  I have put them up for auction twice now and no sales. Right now I can list for free on eBay because we have a store. Once the free listings are over if not sold I will stick in my store.

Cute shoes just need the right buyers for them.

So that is a few things I have bough at our local auction house. Hope that your finds are profitable

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wordless Wednesday ~ Cake Makes Everything Better

Wordless Wednesday ( almost ) Cake make everything better.  No matter how the day is going a piece of cake with the girls can only make the day go better.  The year is 1951 when this party took place.  And I am sure the cake was homemade as was the frosting.

Happy Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tidy Tip Tuesday ~ Do Away With Bathroom Trash Thrifty and Easy

For Tidy Tip Tuesday we are making the bathroom trash easier to get rid of.  Find a pretty small trash can for every bathroom you have.  Line these with a plastic trash bag from your grocery shopping trip and when it is almost full just remove and take out to the garbage.

I like to place a few empty garbage bags at the bottom of my trash can so I am ready to go after taking out the trash.

Thanks for stopping by for Tidy Tip Tuesday Grace

Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Menu Plans ~ I Never Get Tired Of Our Chicken Soup

Boy time is just flying by. Spring is in the air and we are finally starting to get a bit warmer. Today was fifty degrees with the snow banks starting to melt into dirty gravel piles.

This picture is just a week ago last Saturday. Snow and more yukky snow.

Times are busy with going to auctions and church doings. We are cooking our chicken soup tonight and that will take care of us for a few meals. 

Wednesday we will go to church for a soup dinner and we will make a pot of pea soup to bring and share with others.

Lots of soup this week I guess. Fast easy and economical meals.  And with the smell of baking chicken tonight I am getting a craving for our chicken and rice dinner. May have to make that Friday or Saturday night.

Thanks for stopping by.. lets keep saving together and lets keep saving together. Grace