Tuesday, November 24, 2009

20 Ways To Save At The Grocery Store

I just read a great posting on 20 ways to save at the grocery store. All put together nice and clear. Take a jump over there to read what Wicked Cool Deals has to say.

I use most of these ideas and feel it is important not only to save for my own family but hopefully be an example for others in my family. In turn I want to be able to help you out there reading to save money on groceries and eating out.

I have made so many mistakes, have spent so many years not using coupons seriously or doing rebates. Today I look forward to reading the grocery ads and blogs to find the best deals.

We have never had so much food in our pantry ever. My pantry is getting fuller by the day. I have a main list on my pantry door telling me what I have and how much.

It gives me a sense of comfort knowing I have a good stock of coffee, soup , food items, and laundry products. If it was necessary, I could go without buying some of these items from a few weeks to months.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Eating Out On Less Dollars .. Using a Coupon at a Pizza Joint

Today was the last day of a 6 days of Tax classes. Glad it is over for the time being.

We planned ahead and knew there was a CiCi Pizza place within blocks of school. Had never been there before so perfect time to try it out.
Ci Ci is a Pizza place that is mainly a buffet featuring Salad bar, 2 pasta choices ( same pasta with 2 sauces)

and several types of Pizza to choose from plus cheesy bread. They even have a couple of desert choices like pizza crust with a apple pie filling ( to sweet for me)

Food was good, prices fair, and they kept busy adding more Hot Pizzas and picking up plates. Cost of Entertainment Book $30.00
Total saved $5.00 with coupon today .. Total of bill $10.36 .. Total saved so far $10.00

Eating Out On Less Dollars .. Using a Coupon at a Sports Bar and Grill

As many of you know hubby and I eat out at lunch time alot. We wander around looking for things to buy and sell on the internet, we are involved with going to school to do taxes for the third year at H & R Block and usually eat out before class.
To try to cut our costs even more I have bought the Entertainment Book for the Houston area. With using this book and using the coupons from the Sunday paper or local papers we should be able to eat out on a few less dollars.
And we should be able to eat at places we may not have tried before.
Last Sunday we went to church with my sister and her hubby. After church we always go out to dinner. This time I looked in my Entertainment book and found a coupon for a Sports Bar and grill we had ate at once before. Food was okay and was real close to a used book I wanted to visit.
So off we drive and visit the Stadia Sports Grill in Katy Texas.
What was I thinking every TV was on and all to different football games. We are not sports people and it was blaring loud in there.
Oh well everyone else was happy and enjoying the football games and that is really what it is about.
Food was very good ( I had a barbecue hamburger that was very tasty and would buy again ) We ate our hamburgers and scooted off to a nice quiet bookstore.
We will probably stop by this sports bar again but it will be in the middle of a week at lunch time when it is quiet like a used bookstore.
We saved $5.00 on our lunch bill ... total of bill plus tip was $11.91 Total saved so far $5.00 with coupons