Monday, November 23, 2009

Eating Out On Less Dollars .. Using a Coupon at a Pizza Joint

Today was the last day of a 6 days of Tax classes. Glad it is over for the time being.

We planned ahead and knew there was a CiCi Pizza place within blocks of school. Had never been there before so perfect time to try it out.
Ci Ci is a Pizza place that is mainly a buffet featuring Salad bar, 2 pasta choices ( same pasta with 2 sauces)

and several types of Pizza to choose from plus cheesy bread. They even have a couple of desert choices like pizza crust with a apple pie filling ( to sweet for me)

Food was good, prices fair, and they kept busy adding more Hot Pizzas and picking up plates. Cost of Entertainment Book $30.00
Total saved $5.00 with coupon today .. Total of bill $10.36 .. Total saved so far $10.00

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