Monday, February 14, 2011

Saved Quarter Week # 6 Sold Some STUFF On Ebay and Amazon

Week 6 of Saved Quarter Challenge.. another week of not saving anything from my grocery budget. This week what I did not spend on groceries was spent on buying STUFF to sell on eBay and or amazon.

We went to a couple of estate sales and I found some vintage Tupperware to sell. Also found some Janette Oke books that should sell on eBay. 8 hard covers 2 stories in each book so here series right her in 8 books. She writes Christian romance novels.

They are up for sale as are some old tool books I found in the basement.
So far we have one bid on my Tupperware, the measuring cups and spoons.
$32.00 of the money spent had to come from next weeks money for groceries.

yellow canister set

orange canister set

also found green canister set plus other Tupperware items

measuring cups and spoons have a bid already.
I bought lots of Tupperware so hopefully I will be able replace the money spent, have extra to put into the envelope for buying STUFF and put some to savings.

We try to go to the estate sale the first day and buy what we think may not be there the next day. If there is items we want to buy cheaper we will go the last day and buy items at half price. Some times we win and some times we do not win by playing the waiting game.

Last week I sold Campbell soup rewards and rewards for education on eBay plus one book on Amazon for a total profit of $7.67 from both places.
This money will go towards replacing next weeks grocery money that I spent.

Good news is some of my granddaughter's Manga books sold. I had listed these Super Bowl Sunday night. One set sold for way over $100. I have a total of over $200 to give her minus my eBay selling costs.

Just need to get paid for all her books from the buyers, so I can give her money to her.

She says she wants to save some and buy some clothes.. Way to go girl save some and buy clothes. I am so proud of you. Plus I sure will have my eyes open for these books.

Well that is how my week went for the Savings Quarter Challenge. A profit of $7.67.
I will be sharing this over at Savings Quarter Challenge.

thanks for stopping by.. lets keep saving together.. and please remember
Never under estimate the value of a small amount of money... Grace


  1. I had no idea that those Manga books would sell so high! wow!

    The Tupperware canisters remind me of my mom's kitchen in my childhood. She had them and you just couldn't kill them - they went strong for years and years with constant use. Hopefully someone wants them for their retro kitchen and bids them up!

  2. I am totally going to be checking the book section at thrift stores for Manga books! WOW! My nephew has a bunch... maybe my sister should steal them when he's not looking! haha

    Fingers crossed everything sells quickly and with a high price!