Monday, June 13, 2011


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We had a great weekend with our 2 day garage sale. As I posted a few days ago we are busy selling STUFF to gather up money for our rental deposit and busy working harder than ever to sell items to gather cash.
Our yard sale was a success.  We brought in over $300.00 cash of which $200.00 of it went into the savings account.
We had a good week on eBay and another $100.00 will be going into savings also.
Hope that you all had a great week and now I am off to the auction house to see how our items sell tonight. I brought in some costume jewelry, a vintage wagon that hubby found at a garage sale plus other STUFF.
Will give you an up date on how that went later. Our savings for rental deposit is now at $285.00 with another $100.00 on its way.
thanks for visiting. I will be sharing this over at Saved Quarter Challenge. Drop in to see how others are doing Grace

Sunday, June 12, 2011


I have been lazy and not planning our menus for a few weeks and it shows in no well plan dinners and just grabbing something easy.
This week I decided to get back on schedule of planning our weeks meals and buying groceries so that we eat at home more and hopefully spend less money on food.
This is what is on the schedule for this week in no special order

Our home made spaghetti meat sauce with pasta and french bread. We will double our recipe and and freeze the extra
Meat balls with gravy, mash potatoes and peas
Tuna pasta salad left over from my grand daughter's graduation party with some butter toast
Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup with crackers
quick easy dinner of sandwiches or left overs
cheese burgers with beans and chips
any left overs or soup from the freezer
I will be sharing this over at organizing junkie take a look at what others have on the menu.
Hope that you have a fun week with your menus and meals.
Thanks for stopping by.. lets keep saving together Grace