Friday, June 24, 2011


This morning hubby and I took off to go to some garage sales. In hand is a my newspaper with address circled for today's search.
We are out looking for items to resell at the local weekly auction, at the antique mall in my glass case and on eBay or Amazon.
We skip the sales that mention clothing especially children's clothes and head for those that say household, jewelry, books and misc.

I especially like those sales in old houses that are put on by the family members selling off a relatives belongings. Some times you will find the best deals there.
First stop was that type of a sale. Grass is fairly high, you can see that the home is not lived in and we head to the garage. Not much there and then we are informed there are items in the house.
I buy 2 corningware casseroles with covers, church cook books and miscellanous glassware any where from 50 cents to $1.00 each.
Next off to the basement. There I find more small pretty glassware in blue and red and then I spot the jewelry in the corner. There are two men already bent over the boxes of jewelry looking for treasures. Once they are done it is my turn. For hardly anything I end up with a clear large rhinestone brooch, rhinestone clip on earings and miscellanous pieces of religious metals. Two of the pieces are marked silver and the other is gold filled. Add to my pile 2 large pictures from a pile in the corner.
I think I am done, but then I tell hubby I want one more look at the jewelry. By the time I get back to the basement some guy has bought the rest of the jewelry for $10.00.
 I paid 50 cents for my few pieces of jewelry, and am happy with my purchases.
Next stop that morning is the auction house where we unload most of the items to our table. The sale is Monday night and it will be fun to see how much our items sell for.
I love garage sales and sadly we only have a few months of sales and then the snow will start. Until then I am having fun searching for treasures to resell. Above is a picture of the jewelry, every thing else is already at the auction house.
Hope that you all have fun on your searches at the garage sale and estate sales.
Thanks for stopping by I would love to hear about your garage sale finds in the comment area.. Grace