Thursday, June 14, 2012

Recently Found at Garage Sale and Sold On eBay Vintage Handmade Quilt

Recently found at a garage sale and sold on eBay is this pretty vintage hand made quilt.  Less than a month ago hubby and I were out on garage sale rounds and I came across this pretty quilt. Seller told me her aunt had bought it years ago at an estate sale. Looking at it I could tell that it had hardly been used and was in beautiful shape.

I bought it for $5.00 and tried to sell on auction twice with no luck.  Last night it ended for the second time with no sale.  Shortly later I received an email from a buyer that had missed out on it.  Power outage he says.  This morning I relisted it at my asking price of $29.99 buy it now and emailed him.

Shortly later I had a sale and it was paid for with pay pal. Off it goes to Mississippi tomorrow morning.

You just never know what you will find in a small garage on a Saturday afternoon.

How is your treasure hunting going?  Thanks for stopping by to visit, hope to see you again real  soon. Grace

CLUTTER TIP FOR TODAY Limit SOME of the Multiple Items We Own

Clutter tip for the day is limit multiple items we own. Really more is not always better. Who really needs several sets of dishes, silverware or vases.  I have one set of dishes really is pieces of sets, pieces of silverware and probably 4 to 6 vases.
picture is of a church booksale we were at recently. Sweet hubby is in the dark blue shirt searching for a treasure of a book.

I can understand having lots of books but that is me the book lover and former bookstore owner but even I can have to many books that I want to keep. Of course we buy and sell books on the Internet so we are bound to have alot of books in our home. Sometimes I find books and put off selling them because I am not ready to part with them.

This week there is a Friends of the Library sale. Hubby and I went Tuesday twice, once before lunch and once after.  Brought home over 50 books, most to sell but a few to read and then sell.

At this time I have 26 books on ghost stories. I collect them but have not found the time to sit and read many of them.  I recently found 4 on haunted great lakes, Minnesota. Those are the ones I will start with. Then there is the collection of books on collectible jewelry, glassware and the books on collecting books.

Do you find your self collecting any certain kind of books, vases or anything else.  Probably time for me to weed out some of my ghost books, glassware guides and some of the other books I find and bring home.

Thanks for stopping by. Grace

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What Are You Reading At This Time? Do You Have A Reading Plan For The Summer

What is everyone reading book wise. My cousin in law Rod lent me a book to read. The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. He lives in Spain and has six books out now. He is very popular in Spain and I am glad that it has been translated into English.  It is a mystery, love story and a fairy tale. The main character grows in front of us and works with his father in the family bookstore. This is all wrapped up in one book.  Needs to be read slowly because you do not want it to end. If you are looking for a good book for the summer try this one out. This is his first book. I look forward to finding more of his books in the future. I was at Barnes and Noble today and could not find his books there. Book stores are not what they  use to be.  His books can be found on Amazon and at a very reasonable price in paperback or hard cover. The electronic price is $12.99 while you can get a paperback at 1 penny plus shipping and the hard cover starts at 87 cents plus shipping.

Do you like to read a book on a Kindle or a Nook or do you read a hard copy.  I prefer to read the hard copy.  I could see the electronic book if traveling but other wise I want to see and feel the book in my hands.

Well back to reading my book. This is the kind of book you want to read slowly and enjoy. While I want to know what happens in the end I do not want the book to end.

Thanks for stopping by Grace