Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Garage Sales Estate Sales Auction Houses Looking For Treasures To Resell On eBay

My last posting was on the need to work harder than ever reselling to build up the savings account. What I have learnt from my years of reselling is you need to look in many areas and look often.
Last Thursday night we went to a local auction. We normally do not stay because there is not much we want to buy, but this night we decided to stay. While I did not find any real treasures hiding in boxes I did find a few items to buy and resell. May not be big bucks but my philosophy is Never Under Estimate The Value Of A Small Amount Of Money.
It is late like 10:30 pm and I am tired. I want to go home but we are finally getting to some tables where I may be able to buy something cheap.
Sitting on the table is 3 recipe boxes full of recipes. Recipes typed, written and torn out of the newspapers. I know that I can resell these and putting three together makes it all the better. Check out may link to see how I do. I paid $3.00 for the 3 boxes and at this moment they are bid up to a little over $12.00 and close on Sunday. I have had several looks and a few watchers. I expect and hope they are bid up even more.
While going to garage sales I spotted a few items I hope are resellable on eBay also.
Vintage 4 Syroco wall hangings that go good in Hollywood Regency decorating. I paid a dollar for all 4 which is a steal.
4 LE CREUSET INDIVIDUAL AU GRATIN PANS I found these at a fund raising sale at a high school

Beside these items I have found and bought Batman fabric, a wonderful vintage Folk Art basket and church cookbooks. If interested in seeing any of these items you can go to my eBay page.

I want to thank you for stopping by. Treasures to resell are all around us. Grace


Good morning everyone, this is a picture of my beautiful city from the beach we live near. I love to look at my Lake Superior.
I have to admit I have been a bit of a slacker lately. Not planning my menus like I did in the past. Not posting on my blog as often as I should which is why my numbers are going the wrong way. I have been putting alot of my energy into selling on eBay.
One of my weekly posting was my saved quarter challenge. How did we do on saving money and budgeting what we have.
Well while I may not have saved as much money as we want , we have been busy trying to make money on eBay.
We have been busy going to estate sales and garage sales. Going to auctions and even putting items in the auction house to sell.
Reason is we want to move into a larger apartment end of July and we need to come up with $1,000 for the deposit. We do have a currant deposit on this 400 square foot apartment but can not count on getting that back in time for the new apartment.
So hubby and have been working harder than ever. My goal is to put roughly half of the money made every week into the bank. The other half will be going into the hunting for more treasures envelope.
I started this savings account yesterday with $10.00. We received $29.00 from Amazon. I pulled a twenty dollar bill for the hunting envelope and had hubby deposit $10.00 into savings. $990.00 to go.
We do have a garage sale planned in June. We live on park point and every year there is the big park point garage sale. We will take part and I am hoping to make money for our moving account.
Will give you updates as money goes into our savings account and will share about our new apartment soon.
Will share some of the items I have found in another posting. Thanks for taking the time to read my posting. See you soon. Grace