Friday, November 25, 2011

eBay Sales Friday Follow Up 11/25/11

Good morning everyone. This is the first of my eBay sales follow up. I hope to share with you how my sales were over the last 7 days on ebay.  From 11/18 to 11/24 we had 11 gross sales and total of $216.63.

Some of the highlights were a copy of The 81st Infantry Wildcat Division in World War II. Buyers father in law was in this company and will be a gift to husband and children. Buy It Now Sale price was $59.99. This was found a while back at a local estate auction and bought in a box of books for about $7.00.
Hubby found 39 Nero Wolfe paperbacks at a used church book store and was able to buy them for $3.88. Sold for $51.00 in an auction.

Balance of sales were several vintage doll clothes bought at a recent auction and an AA book.

Well time to head out to find some more treasures. Today is Black Friday. I will not be in the big stores shopping but heading over to a thrift store that is selling all used items at 50 percent off.
I did make one error in one of my listings and have offered to refund buyers money. I bought several vintage canvas bank deposit bags. The one I sold was nylon not canvas.  Hope buyer still wants it.
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by..Come back to see what I found today at the thrift store.  Grace

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Selling Ugly Sweaters On eBay Now Is The HOT Time To Find And Sell

I have heard in the past that a hot item selling on eBay is  ugly sweaters. Sadly this seems to slip from my memory as I visit the thrift stores or I just don't find any to catch my attention.  Want to see some that have sold on eBay recently go to the link or just search on eBay.
I did do some searching and what I see is quite a few that do not sell and my opinion is the starting price may be to high, which means they need to be found extra cheap. Starting at $14.99 or more may be to high.  One of my favorite starting prices is $9.99 unless it is something really special and I do not want to take less at this time.
So as the the month goes on it would be a good idea to keep our eyes out for ugly sweaters at a low price and continue to watch for them especially after Christmas. Stock them till next season Ugly Sweater season.

Have you noticed anything else that is HOT on eBay right now. Would love to hear from you.
Thanks for stopping by.. lets keep saving together.. Grace

Monday, November 21, 2011

Auction Highlights Finding Small Treasures To Resell 11/21/11

Tonight was auction night. If you have ever gone to auctions on a regular basis as we do, soon people find out what you buy and start to get an interest in those items. If I am buying costume jewelry then they will start to bid it up. If it is found out I sold vintage baseball gloves on ebay all of a sudden the price goes up so high that there is no profit to really be made.
Tonight I decided to walk around and find something small on several tables. Something that is a bit off the wall that I could put in my antique mall.
End of the night I had an unusal coconut head made to look a pirate, a neat vintage nautical picture, an old frame with two wedding pictures or maybe one wedding picture and the other is a lady in white with bible and rosary. Not sure if wedding photo or something else. Have any of you ever seen a early 1900's photo with the bride only, no groom?  Need to figure that out before selling. Sitting under one table was a small box and stuck in there were some vintage Fuller Brush letter openers, old advertising stir stick, beer openers with advertising plus a knife. Buy of the night was a turn of the century knife.

Fun night for hubby and me. A few dollars spent, time visiting with friends. All in all a good time spent.

Hope that your treasure hunting turns out well. Thanks for stopping by.. Grace

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