Friday, November 25, 2011

eBay Sales Friday Follow Up 11/25/11

Good morning everyone. This is the first of my eBay sales follow up. I hope to share with you how my sales were over the last 7 days on ebay.  From 11/18 to 11/24 we had 11 gross sales and total of $216.63.

Some of the highlights were a copy of The 81st Infantry Wildcat Division in World War II. Buyers father in law was in this company and will be a gift to husband and children. Buy It Now Sale price was $59.99. This was found a while back at a local estate auction and bought in a box of books for about $7.00.
Hubby found 39 Nero Wolfe paperbacks at a used church book store and was able to buy them for $3.88. Sold for $51.00 in an auction.

Balance of sales were several vintage doll clothes bought at a recent auction and an AA book.

Well time to head out to find some more treasures. Today is Black Friday. I will not be in the big stores shopping but heading over to a thrift store that is selling all used items at 50 percent off.
I did make one error in one of my listings and have offered to refund buyers money. I bought several vintage canvas bank deposit bags. The one I sold was nylon not canvas.  Hope buyer still wants it.
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by..Come back to see what I found today at the thrift store.  Grace

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