Monday, November 21, 2011

Auction Highlights Finding Small Treasures To Resell 11/21/11

Tonight was auction night. If you have ever gone to auctions on a regular basis as we do, soon people find out what you buy and start to get an interest in those items. If I am buying costume jewelry then they will start to bid it up. If it is found out I sold vintage baseball gloves on ebay all of a sudden the price goes up so high that there is no profit to really be made.
Tonight I decided to walk around and find something small on several tables. Something that is a bit off the wall that I could put in my antique mall.
End of the night I had an unusal coconut head made to look a pirate, a neat vintage nautical picture, an old frame with two wedding pictures or maybe one wedding picture and the other is a lady in white with bible and rosary. Not sure if wedding photo or something else. Have any of you ever seen a early 1900's photo with the bride only, no groom?  Need to figure that out before selling. Sitting under one table was a small box and stuck in there were some vintage Fuller Brush letter openers, old advertising stir stick, beer openers with advertising plus a knife. Buy of the night was a turn of the century knife.

Fun night for hubby and me. A few dollars spent, time visiting with friends. All in all a good time spent.

Hope that your treasure hunting turns out well. Thanks for stopping by.. Grace

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