Sunday, May 30, 2010

Plans To Cut Our Food Budget For Next Two Months

We decided a couple of months ago to move from Texas to Minnesota to be near our children and grandchildren. It is costly to move cross country and we have been trying to save money as we can. We have less than two months left before the move and I am going to be trying to cut back on our food budget. I hope to be able to save about $300. in that time frame.
As I have shared before eating out is our big down fall and most costly expense. I will attempt to cut our budget from $125 a week by about a third and spread the $85.00 on food in and out of the home. This will include household items.
I will share with you my progress over the next 8 weeks. This will be a saving of $40.00 a week for a total of $320 into our moving budget.
Will be a good test of our commitment and if we do this, hopefully we will continue this behavior forward.
One manner to cut back is to not eat out any where I do not have a coupon and not spend money on any item we do not need for the next two months and of course using the coupons and shopping the deals as usual.
Another way to cut our costs is to eat more meals at home. Also when we cook at home we will plan menus that can be eaten twice or more..

If you would like to join me in the cut back project let me know. I read on Love Peace and Saving she will be cutting back in June also . Watch her progress also.

Thanks for stopping by... Lets keep saving together... Grace