Monday, January 17, 2011

Saved Quarter Challenge Week 2

Saved Quarter Challenge: Savings Update. Nothing saved this week sadly from the budget. To many great deals at the grocery stores.
This week I was attempting to cut back by hiding a $20.00 in my wallet. If needed for groceries it is there but by having to dig it out makes me think.
I had forgotten to buy milk and had to break the $20.00 for that.

We did put $150.00 into the savings this week, giving us a a balance of $180. We signed up with a different bank for a checking account. With direct deposit after 3 months they would give us the $150.00 bonus. That came into the checking account this week.

$35.00 of that will come out of that to be put towards the income tax preparation program.
Balance in savings $145.00 for emergency fund.
Not much sold on eBay so nothing to add from that.

How did your week go with savings? Hope that it was better than mine.

I need to keep in front of me this thought .. cut back $20.00 a week, save it and after 52 weeks I will have over $1,000.
I am sharing this over at Saved Quarter Challenge

Thanks for stopping by.. lets keep saving together.. and please remember

Never under estimate the value of a small amount of money.. Grace


  1. Switching banks is a great way to make a few extra bucks! Good way to add to your emergency fund.

    Also, do you know of anyone in your area that does free tax prep for low-income people? It might be worth looking into to save that $30. I know AARP does it (you don't have to be a senior) and you could check your community center.

  2. thanks for your suggestion Penny Saver, We do our own taxes, really hubby does them. WE worked for H R Block for 3 years and were able to do them there for free 3 years . We are not with H& R this year deciding we had moved to a small market and would not get much business. Our taxes are more complicated with having a small business, medical expenses ect. Our income is not low income either so we do not qualify that way. If we were to go to a tax preparer it would cost us about $500.00 so buying a program to down load for $75.00 is the best decision. thanks for visitng. Grace

  3. Small business and medical expenses do make for more complicated taxes. Definitely doing it yourself is the way to go over paying a tax preparer in that situation!