Monday, January 17, 2011

What's For Dinner Orange Teriyaki Beef With Noodles

Last night we tried a new recipe for us. My goal is to try at least one new recipe a week this year.

Found this recipe in my little Recipe book from Betty Crocker " Easy Weeknight Meals " September 2002.

Orange Teriyaki Beef with Noodles
prep time 5 minutes cook time 15 minutes

1 pound beef boneless steak cut into thin strips $4.05 ( not on sale) could of cut the cost if I had watched for a sale price.
1 can (14 1/2 oz) beef broth $.78
1/2 cup of teriyaki stir fry sauce $.90
2 tablespoons orange marmilade $.20
dash of ground red pepper ( cayenne)
1 1/2 cups frozen pea pods $.50
uncooked egg noodles 3 ounces ( I could not find egg noodles but bought noodles in the asian area. ) $1.29
Total spent for dinner $7.72

1. spray 12 inch skillet with cooking spray. Cook beef in skillet over medium heat 2 to 4 minutes, stirring occasionally, until brown. Remove from skillet and keep warm.

2. mix broth, stir fry sauce, marmilade and red pepper in skillet. Heat to boiling. Stir in pea pods and noodles; reduce heat to medium. Cover and cook about 5 minutes or until noodles are tender. Stir in beef. Cook uncovered 2 to 3 minutes or until sauce is slightly thickened. 4 servings.

1 serving 260 calories prepared as above.

This turned out really good and very tasty. Changes for next time. My fry pan was to small, will use a bigger one. I must of cooked the last part to high because it used up most of suce and a touch dry.

Will make these changes for next time but is a keeper in my recipe collection. We ate roughly half of it and will finish for lunch today..

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  1. Grace, this looks really delicious.I love Teriayaki Beef. I'm going to be trying this out soon,

  2. Nice! That looks easy and delish!

  3. Mmm, marmalade and teryaki stir fry sauce sound like a wonderful combination. Good for you, trying a new recipe each week. It is so easy to get in a food rut.

  4. Thank you for visiting. It is fun to try new combinations to me. I do not have orange marmalade in the house so need to figure what to do with it. On toast of course but what else.

  5. I am so happy that you have brought your wonderful Orange Teriyaki Beef With Noodles. It looks delicious. Thank you so much for coming to Full Plate Thursday and please come back!

  6. We love orange chicken, so I bet we would love this! Thanks for linking up to Tip Day Thursday.

    Around My Family Table

  7. how could something so delicious looking be so low in calories!?...this looks amazing. thank you for sharing with tuesday night supper club