Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Grocery Cart Challenge Shopping Round Up

Another week of grocery shopping and menu planning. I had a much better week than usual. I am challenged to cut our groceries when possible to put my savings into our savings account. I want to build up our emergency fund.

This week I ended with $17.00 not spent out of a $60.00 weekly budget.

Cub Foods
Beef broth 78 cents
La Choy Teriyaki sauce $1.79
orange marilade $2.85
lo mein noodles $1.29
cub beef 3 pounds $6.87
Beef steak $4.05
frozen sugar snaps $1.00
sour cream $1.79
milk $2.99
Hebrew National franks $2.99
Total spent $26.40

Super One
Taco chips $2.49
potato chips $2.50
4 sodas $6.00
refried beans 67 cents
5 coffeemate $5.00
total after coupons $14.13 savings of 50 percent
total spent for the week $40.53
total for the month $176.04
Remainder of food budget left $63.96
Thanks for stopping by.. I will be posting this at
you can see what others are spending there.


  1. It's nice to see others doing a grocery challenge! This is only my 3rd week spending $40.00 or less and so far so good! It has completely changed the way I shop! Your Cheesy Lasagna Soup looks awesome! =)