Saturday, December 1, 2012

HUNTING For TREASURES Every Day ~ Selling Antique Medical QUACK Books on eBay

While visiting one of our regular haunts I spotted a pair of old books sitting on a shelf. Closer look told me they were antique medical books with a lot of false/ quack remedies. Soon they were walking out the door with me after putting down my $10.00 cash.

Once home I did research and found some similar to them on the Internet for sale. Both Amazon and eBay had them for sale auction and at buy it now prices. The ones I saw were one book only while mine were published in a two book set. Most were selling in that $35.00 to $80.00 price.

Rather than offer at a buy it now price I decided to put up for auction starting price of $24.95. To my pleasure they ended up selling for $75.00 plus shipping. 

Nice profit for a pair of antique books, but they will give the buyer hours of fun reading.

How are your sales going this Christmas season? We have been busy selling on eBay and Amazon and the antique store is even doing good at this time.


WHATS FOR DINNER ~ Hamburger Hot Dish, Vegies and Home Made Bread

Whats for dinnert tonight was home made hamburger hotdish, peas and home made bread.
Warms up the house and our tummys.
Have a great night and full tummys. Grace


Clutter tip of the day is to help you organize a drawer in no time. Organize a junky drawer in seconds using a plastic silverware try. They come in different colors and sizes and are easy on your budget.
Perfect to for small batteries, twist ties, rubber bands or what ever.
Thanks for stopping by for tip of the day. Grace

Friday, November 30, 2012

CLUTTER TIP OF THE DAY Do Away With Cook Book Clutter

Are you over loaded with cookbooks. I know I am but I buy and sell cook books so they are in and out of my kitchen.  But I do have cook books I tend to keep. Problem is there is only one or two recipes I like and cook over and over. I do have a recipe binder where I put some of my favorite recipes or ones I want to try.
Tip of the day is to get a three ring binder and mylar pages and place your recipes between the pages and then into your cook book. You can also use a photo album.
If you store all your favorite recipes in your binder you will have a recipe book to hand down to your grandchildren.
Thanks for stopping by Grace

Thursday, November 29, 2012

CLUTTER TIP OF THE DAY 10 Minutes A Day Helps

For today's clutter tip of the day it is all about what can you do in 10 minutes. In 10 minutes you can zip through  alot of your chores. In 10 minutes you can unload the dish washer, or load the dishwasher if that is the chore that needs to be done. In 10 minutes you can wipe off your kitchen counters.
The secret it to take care of things now. When you bring in the mail go through it right away and toss what is not needed right now. Procrastination breeds clutter. When we act on things right away will gradually disappear.