Friday, March 6, 2015

Using up Pantry and Freezer Food to make some Soup

The last few months we have been away from the snow.

This is our first winter out of the cold freezing weather for several months.

Our time is nearing to head back to Minnesota and nearer to the family.

Problem is our cupboards are full of pasta and freezer full of chicken breasts.

Time to make make some home made soup.  Click on the link to see all my

pictures and my recipe.

Some chicken, carrots, celery , chicken broth, pasta and frozen mixed vegetables

and we have several fast  dinners

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Reading Books Free with Amazon Kindle App

I finally joined the group of reading books on my phone and lap top by adding the

Amazon Kindle app

I have found some free books plus now for $9.99 a month I can read certain books free.

They do limit me to only 10 on my kindle at a time.

The following books are some that I will down load on my kindle.

I can lay in bed in the dark and read while hubby sleeps.

One free mystery is The Numbers Game

Or Claudia Must Die

Scroll through the most popular books on kindle at this time. See what you can read for a

small price or even free

Thanks for stopping by I need to get back to my book