Thursday, February 2, 2012


I have over 100 years of photos, family photos of my ancestors both sides. Family photos of my children, photos of trips hubby and I have taken. Photos that I places I found interesting. Lake Minnetoka in Minnesota on a beautiful day, Minnihaha falls in the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. At least I think I made it there every season. Photos of the Mississippi rising during the Spring thawing run off.

I need to really start on a day by day start to organize these. If I take only thirty minutes a day to do something I will be further ahead than I am now.

While at our down town library to do some family research I came across this book and brought it home.

Preserving Your Family Photographs by Maureen Taylor. I have had it three weeks with good intention. It is due in one week. Starting today I will start a commitment to read through it piece by piece starting at chapter 8 " Ways to Organize " Keep It Simple " and work day by day a few minutes a day to at least get a start.

Step 1. Look through all images and make a list of people, places and events
Step 2. Decide on an organizational plan and try it with a small group of images
Step 3. Estimate supplies you may need (storage boxes and sleeves)
Step 4. Purchase these in bulk to save money
Step 5. Set up a work space
Step 6. Begin sorting
Step 7. Create a file of images in need of identification
Step 8. Create a file of photo copies of pictures requiring conversation or restoring
Step 9. Start labeling and boxing
Step 10 Create an index if necessary

My first step will be to jump to step 5 and find a space for a work table. I have the perfect one to put into my office.
For today I will read through chapter 8 and clear out the space in my office for the table.

Over the next days I will set the timer for 30 minutes and start to do something with my photos. Anything I do will be better than doing nothing with them.
I will be sharing this over at my genealogy blog for those readers.  Most of my photos have to do with family.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Several months ago I made and shared a recipe for Cheesy Lasagna Soup. Today while pondering what we should have I decided it was time to give it another try. Easy, simple and totally FANTASTIC tasting.

So if you want a good easy soup for a winter night or even for a pot luck dinner give this one a try real soon.

I am sharing this at Frugal Follies Thrifty recipes
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You may notice that I do not offer deals on magazine subscriptions. I figure there is a lot of other blogs that offer magazines subscription deals and if you want them you will find them out.

 I rarely order magazines and when I do they end up just sitting there and not being read like they should.

Recently one of our grandsons was selling magazines for a fund raising.  Hubby and I went through the list and found only one of any interest to us.  Anything that may of interest us was not listed of course.  We finally decided on the Money magazine.  We can find it interesting but the truth is it really is not read enough to justify the cost.

I would rather go to the bookstore, sit and look at them for half an hour and leave. I there one I really want I will just buy that one magazine right then.

Hubby and I decided that the next time grandson is selling magazines we will just suggest they pick one their family would enjoy and we will pay for it.

If I was to get a magazine at home it would be one to do with genealogy and hubby would want one on his favorite collecting hobby.

How many magazines do you get in the mail?  If they are read every month great if not you could tidy up by giving up unread magazine subscriptions.

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