Saturday, December 1, 2012

HUNTING For TREASURES Every Day ~ Selling Antique Medical QUACK Books on eBay

While visiting one of our regular haunts I spotted a pair of old books sitting on a shelf. Closer look told me they were antique medical books with a lot of false/ quack remedies. Soon they were walking out the door with me after putting down my $10.00 cash.

Once home I did research and found some similar to them on the Internet for sale. Both Amazon and eBay had them for sale auction and at buy it now prices. The ones I saw were one book only while mine were published in a two book set. Most were selling in that $35.00 to $80.00 price.

Rather than offer at a buy it now price I decided to put up for auction starting price of $24.95. To my pleasure they ended up selling for $75.00 plus shipping. 

Nice profit for a pair of antique books, but they will give the buyer hours of fun reading.

How are your sales going this Christmas season? We have been busy selling on eBay and Amazon and the antique store is even doing good at this time.


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