Monday, February 14, 2011

Menu Plan Monday 2/14/11 Saving Money Eating At Home

Time for Menu Plan Monday again...this is what is on the menu in our home. Tried and true recipes this week using what is in the house and what was on sale a couple of days ago when I went shopping with my list and coupons

Calico Bean Casserole with baked potatoes .. easy to make and great comfort food .. recipe to come.

Spaghetti Sauce over pasta with garlic bread... a family favoite and I will make a double batch and feeze half

Mac and Cheese using cottage cheese quite interesting flavor or maybe I will search for another recipe.. time will tell

Chili .. our famous recipe with crackers .. will double this and freeze half

Chili Hot Dogs ( using the 3 left over hot dogs from freezer. why is there 7 hot dogs in a package and 8 hot dog buns.. a mystery ) baked beans and left over Mac and Cheese

Ham and scallopped potatoes with vegetables

Pea soup with left over ham

thats what we will have this week.. sounds good to me.. Happy valentines day..

Thanks for stopping by.. lets keep saving together.. grace
I will be sharing this at Menu Plan Monday .. see what others are cooking up.. Leave a comment here and there. I always love nice comments.

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  1. You are so good at planning your meals! This all sounds good to me!