Tuesday, November 24, 2009

20 Ways To Save At The Grocery Store

I just read a great posting on 20 ways to save at the grocery store. All put together nice and clear. Take a jump over there to read what Wicked Cool Deals has to say.

I use most of these ideas and feel it is important not only to save for my own family but hopefully be an example for others in my family. In turn I want to be able to help you out there reading to save money on groceries and eating out.

I have made so many mistakes, have spent so many years not using coupons seriously or doing rebates. Today I look forward to reading the grocery ads and blogs to find the best deals.

We have never had so much food in our pantry ever. My pantry is getting fuller by the day. I have a main list on my pantry door telling me what I have and how much.

It gives me a sense of comfort knowing I have a good stock of coffee, soup , food items, and laundry products. If it was necessary, I could go without buying some of these items from a few weeks to months.

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