Saturday, August 1, 2009

Building a Coupon Stash

I have couponed off and on for over 30 years. There were times I had coupons in my stash and then I would put them aside and not coupon. I am back at it heavy trying to save as much as possible on the groceries I need.
Never before has there been so many ways for me to get coupons. Here is how I have built my stash to the size it is. I want to share this with you so for those who are new to couponing you also can build your own stash of coupons.

Subscribe to the Sunday paper. There are anywhere between 1-4 inserts each Sunday. After a few weeks, you will have built up good start to your stash.
The typical inserts include Smart Source (SS), Red Plum (RP), and P&G. There is usually a big P&G insert at the beginning of the month. You can usually get a deal with the newspaper company to get the Sunday paper and a couple of other days for less than buying at the store.

Ask your friends, family, or neighbors that don’t use coupons for theirs. My sister does not use coupons so I get theirs every Sunday. Also if you have a recycling check that out.

Use Printable Coupons. There are multiple places to get printable coupons. I offer direct links to some of the coupon sites on my blog. You can usually print each coupon twice. New coupons come out each month.
Other places to get printable coupons include:
Betty Crocker

Check out the web site of a product you want. You just may find a coupon there to print.

Check your grocery store for those little machines on the isles that have coupons. Many times the coupon will match with an item already on sale, but if it doesn’t I just hold on to it until that sale comes up. And since they are manufacturer coupons, you can use them at any store that takes coupons. Some days when I am just stopping for milk I will walk the aisles. Not only is it good excerise but I will find some coupons to add to my stash. I just grab two so there is coupons for other shoppers.

Check the products you buy for coupons inside packaging. I have seen packages on the shelf one will have coupon while another will not. Grab the one that has the coupon of course.

Sign up for Samples. I try to post any freebie I see. Not only will you get what the companies are offering, but they usually will send you a coupon. I have just received in the last week 2 different freebies with coupons.

Sign up for e-coupons. These sites allow you to load coupons onto your shopping card. Nice service so you don’t have to clip or carry any of the coupons. I tend to forget what I loaded on my card so I have to write it down. I prefer paper coupons so I can see what I have

Many stores also have printable coupons on their websites, too. Some duplicate each other, but if it is an item you need/want then that is a good thing!
Target Printable Coupons at Target, Hot Coupon World, and A Full Cup
After you check out, you will probably get coupons or “catalinas” printed with your receipt. This will happen when you have used coupons for your purchase. These usually can only be used at the store you just shopped at, but if you frequent the store, you will most likely use it.

Check resources. Hot Coupon World has a coupon database that lists coupons from the Sunday inserts, as well as, any grocery internet printable coupon links. It is a great place to look if you know what you want, but don’t know where to start.

One more thought. If you have several coupons expiring in a day or two leave them by the product if you do not plan to use them. You never know when you will find a coupon left for you.
How are you building your stash? I would love to hear your ideas.

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