Friday, December 11, 2009

Grocery Cart Challange Balancing the Food Budget 12/11

Time to balance out my food budget for the week of 12/6 to 12/11.
First trip to Randalls was just for salt hate running out of salt. Needed to get water so easy to run in for one item and walk the aisle to see if anything good happening. oop 62 cents
Next time was also Randalls to shop with my e coupons was a good shopping trip. Total oop $23.15 with savings of $34.12 or 60 percent.
Last trip was also to Randalls for my Nabisco Crackers for my $10.00 rebate and for the Viva Paper Towels much needed. Total oop was $18.40 with savings of $21.78 or 55 percent.

Total spent on groceries was $45.55 and we will get back $10.00 for the rebate.
Went out to eat a total of 3 times for lunch with a total cost of $46.07.
Total spent this week on food was $91.62 which is less than our allotted $125.00 a week

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