Thursday, April 29, 2010

Eating From The Pantry Challenge

Back in February I did a challenge along with others to eat from my pantry and not buy what I did not need that month unless it was a special deal and FREE or almost FREE.

I have decided it needs to be done again. We have chosen to move back to Minnesota near the shores of Lake Superior. Big difference from Texas. Instead of the horrible heat we will have the horrible winters.

With planning and saving we would like to leave Minnesota for about 3 months during the winters. Chances are slim the first winter but we have hopes and will plan and save towards that goal following years.

Most of our family is in Minnesota and I want to spend time reconnecting with my sons and 10 out of 13 grandchildren as I am a senior citizen even though I do not feel or act it. The other 3 grandchildren are on the east coast.

Our move will take place end of July. My pantry is full and I want to see it almost empty. Would be good to just buy as needed the last weeks before we move.

I do love a full pantry, almost an addiction with me.

Tonight I am making home made spaghetti and pulled out a box of spaghetti noodles, notice it was almost empty and panicked for a moment. Sure enough I had 2 more boxes. If you click on this link you will get my recipe. I think it is better than our local Italian recipe

My challenge is to start with what I do have and buy what need to make a meal.

Did you do the pantry challenge in February, have you thought of giving it a try in the future. Join me if you would like I would love to hear from you. If you have a blog I would enjoy reading how you are doing...

My goals for the rest of the week is to list what is in the pantry and plan some menus around what I have.

I will officially start as tomorrow since my pay and budget week begins on Fridays.
Thanks for stopping by... Will do posts as I eat from my pantry.

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