Sunday, August 8, 2010

Thifty Cheapskate Grocery Shopping Roundup

Our cupboards are almost bare with our big move to Minnesota. I did not have room to bring my stock of food we had not eaten. My sister bought most of it and the rest was donated to our neighbor.

Today we went grocery shopping for the week and having no stock pile it was pretty tough. I had managed to bring my spices so that helped.

Our budget for now is $50.00 a week for the two of us. That is a lot compared to one of my favorite bloggers . She feeds her family of 6 for $60.00. Plan is to try to cut that back some with better planning.

Here is what I bought this week

1 Heinz Ketshup $2.49
1 French's Mustard $1.49 ( used coupon)
3 boxes of Hamburger Helper 75 cents each ( part of buy 10 deal) ( used coupon)
1 box Betty Crocker Mash Potatoes 2 pouch pack .50 ( part of buy 10 deal)
6 Green Giant can Vegetables 39 cents each ( part of buy 10 deal)
1 cub brand brown sugar $1.49
1 cub brand Spagetti Noodles 99 cents
2 cans of cub brand diced tomatoes 69 cents each
2 packages of Malt O Meal shredded wheat 69 cents each
1 Maxwell Coffee $3.59 ( used a coupon $1.00 off from tear pad )
2 cans of Campbell's Tomato soup 79 cents each ( used 50 cent off 2 coupon printed)
2 cans of Campbell's Mushroom soup $1.09 each ( used 50 cent off coupon printed)
1 can of Campbell's Cream of Chicken soup $1.09
2 Jars of Rinaldi Pasta Sauce 99 cents each with store coupon limit 2
3 pounds of ground beef $5.64
2 packages of Land of Frost Lunch meat $4.99 each b1 g1 Free( used coupon from today's paper)
1 onion $1.07
1 loaf of bread 99 cents
1 package of hamburger buns $2.00
2 DiGornio deep dish personal size pizzas $2.99 each ( used 2 coupons for $2.00 off each printed from internet)
Velvetta Cheese $4.99
Blue Bonnet margarine $2.99
1 gallon of milk $3.09
1 dozen eggs $1.07
1 coffeemate $1.09
6 Yoplait yogurts 69 cents each ( used coupon)
1 package of coffee filters $1.89

Kmart ( they have double your coupons up to $1.00 but food was much higher there so bought only a few items on sale
4 bottles of Diet Coke $4.00
4 cans of Bumble Bee Tuna $2.76
2 Jars of Kraft Miracle Whip $6.00 ( used $1.50 coupon )
1 bottle of water ( hubby can refill with Lake Superior water and have cold water anytime)
Cost was $68.84 with savings of $29.28

Over budget but should be able to spend less next week I hope. Now need to make my menu plan for the week.
Thanks for stopping by.. and remember.. Never under estimate the value of a small amount of money. Grace

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