Friday, September 10, 2010

Not Your Every Day Sloppy Joe's Yummy Yummy .. Whats For Dinner Tonight

Okay I have to admit I love Sloppy Joe's. Big Sloppy Sloppy Joe's . The meat sauce hanging out of the bun Sloppy Joe's.
I have my recipe and my hubby has his recipe. He calls his Rich Burger's they are with a ketchup base and topped with Velveeta cheese and mine are called Patty D's Mama's recipe.
I grew up across the alley from Patty and her family. Her mama was a beautician and her daddy played in a band at a Supper Club at night. Not sure what he did in the day time. They seemed so sophisticated to a 10 year old girl. My mama stayed home and daddy sold siding and was a preacher on Sunday's.
Okay back to Mrs. D. She made the best Sloppy Joe's in the world I thought. So every time I make them I am 10 years old again and in Mrs. D's kitchen.
Here is the easiest sloppies ever.
Brown one pound of hamburger, spoon the grease off.
season to taste with pepper and salt.
To this I add 1 can of Cream of Chicken Soup ( Mrs. D also added a can of Chicken Gumbo soup but the thrifty side of me ignores this and they are still great).
After mixing this up real good I squirt a good amount of mustard and ketchup into the meat mixture. Continue to let simmer till nice and bubbly. Makes 4 Sloppy Joe's ( two for hubby and me tonight and 2 for another meal later in the week)

I buy nice soft hamburger buns at the bread outlet and top them with the sloppy sauce. To this we add beans and Potato chips. The wind may be blowing outside but every thing is warm and cozy in my kitchen and it is time to eat.

No reason to even think of buying Manwich when you can whip up something this good in a short time

Thanks for stopping by... Come back soon for hubby's Sloppy Joe recipe.. They are great.. Grace

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