Thursday, November 4, 2010

Week's Grocery Shopping Round Up

It has been a quiet week for shopping at the grocery store this week. We had quite a bit of left over food to eat, freezer meal and pantry items.
Trip to Super One for a deal on 2 Skippy Peanut butters at $1.50 each that netted me a free loaf of bread along with some diet soda. Total out of pocket was $5.15. Savings of $4.66 or 48 percent.
Trip to Cub Foods
where we picked up 80 percent Ground Beef on sale 3 pound package for $5.97
½ of a Deli Barbecue chicken for $1.99
Deli potato salad for $4.87 (really need to make my own)
1 can of Bush Baked Beans $1.99
4 bottles of Diet Coke for $5.00
(I found a tear pad that offered $1.00 off my coke with a purchase at the Deli of $4.00 or more.
Total spent $19.21 with a saving of only 5 percent at Cub.
Trip to Walgreen’s for soup. Walgreen’s has Campbell’s Tomato soup on sale at 50 cents each so I picked up 4 cans. I also had a rain check from last week for mushroom and cream of chicken soup at 79 cents each limit 3 and one bag of candy for Halloween for $5.99. Total spent $11.30
Trip for Bread $2.39
Total spent for the week of $ 38.04
Thanks for stopping by.. Lets keep saving together .. Grace

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