Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thrift Share Monday ~ Buying Books At Library Sales

This weekend was a beautiful days. Sunny but cool on Friday, Saturday was rainy but I was going back to the Library for more books so who cared.
 There was  Friends of the Library sale that we went to twice. The prices were fantastic and we found bag fulls of books to resell on eBay in book lots.
I bought 10 L Ron Hubbard hard covers  and have them up for auction and have a bid all ready.

Hubby bid and won some great vintage books. Two are of the writings of Thomas Jefferson. These books   are from the early 1800s and were compiled by Thomas Jefferson Randall who was a relative.

I love books and book sales. After owning a used bookstore for over 15 years we are in our glory as we hunt for items to resell. They could be old like the ones my hubby found or just light mysteries that I bought to resell.

I hope that your week is wonderful and that you find time to stop at used bookstore and just look at the beauty of books in print. There is nothing like the feel and smell of used books.
 I know the kindle is popular and you can down load tons of books .... BUT it is not the same to a true book lover.
Earlier this week we had stopped in to a small shop and the owner is a book lover of early Americana. You could just see the JOY of the love of books as he shared some of his stories.

Thanks for stopping by.. Grace

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