Saturday, July 2, 2011


Summer time is pasta time for me.. this week I was craving tuna salad. I always keep my tuna fish in the refridgerator so it is cold to start with and add a can of peas to cool at the same time.
This time I grabbed a half used box of pasta. Pasta a little larger than what I normally use but who cares. Use up what I have in the house and get it cooked and cooling off.
A few hours later we are eating pasta salad and all I need to add to my plate is a piece of buttered toast and I am a happy girl.
You can add what you like to a pasta salad. Some like onions, cheese or celery. Around here we are pretty plain salad. I would add the celery if it was in the house. No onions for me.
This small amount is all that is left to take a picture of. Hope that your week end is going nicely. We are getting ready to see what garage sales are open for the holiday weekend.

Thanks for stopping by.. Grace

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