Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I like to have some order in my life, just like so many others. Some times it is necessary to get back to the basics of keeping a moderate clean home, food preparation, errands and laundry.
Today I am sharing what I think can be a great plan to keep the home clean. First off it is important to ask for help from your family members. Since it is only hubby and me it is up to us but things to stay fairly clean around here.
There is several layers to keep my home clean.
Layer 1 is things I need to do every day like making the bed, washing dishes or loading dish washer, picking up around the house and taking out the garbage.
Layer 2 is things that need to be done twice a week vacuming or sweeping if you have hard wood floors like we do, watering plants, wiping down bath room
Layer 3 is more of a deep cleaning once a week job . This could be mopping floor, polishing furniture, getting groceries, doing errands and doing laundry.
Layer 4 is items that are considered special projects. Washing windows, cleaning the stove, cleaning refrigerator and what ever else you may have on your list.

I like to look at as layer 1 is about a half hour a day,
 layer 2 can take about half hour so I try to pick one of these to do it in order during the week
layer 3 could be done on Saturday if that works for you. We usually do these items during the week as time allows. We do errands as we are out on our runs to the thrift stores to hunt for treasures to resell. Laundry can be done while I am home and working on my computer. Grocery shopping is usually done Sunday after church or maybe Fridays after going to garage sales. What is important is to plan and attempt to keep up with the plan. To make my lists and carry them with me.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading some of my ideas on keeping up my home and that you will come back again to read some of my other ideas. Grace

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  1. Layer 4 : I always posted on the fridg.If someone wanted extra allowance they could pick to do one of these at any time if it was done well they got extra allowance. This also worked for getting out of some punishment or if you wanted to get on my good side.