Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I am not a Barbie doll expert but I do know a vintage Barbie Doll when I see her. I know enough to look at the markings on her bottom and to check her foot for the word Japan. Last Thursday a box of Barbie's came up for sale at the auction. I had been told that they would be separated and sold by the piece. I spent quite a bit of time checking them out for their markings and their defects.  Among the dolls were a pile of clothes. Many of them Barbie clothes. To my luck they all were auctioned off together and their were not many collectors. I got this whole box for $25.00. I am now armed with books from the library to see if I can figure out the dolls and clothes. The clothes can some time be the real prize. These clothes have been played with so that will hurt some.
Several have some damage and 2 of them I can not figure out where they are from I see no markings. So I am going to share my dolls with you by picture and see if I can get any help.
The first doll I have identified as Twist and Turn Mod Barbie. Marked 1966 Mattel US Patented US Pat Pend made in Japan. Her leg clicks 3 times so she can pose. In the box was her original bathing suit top and what is probably the bottom of the suit. I have listed her for sale on eBay starting at $9.99. Hopefully she will sell for over $50.00 and I will double my purchase price on this one doll. Last night one like her sold for over $70.00.  What is missing from her swim suit is the hard to find belt. She is in nice condition considering she was played with. No neck splits, there is some soiling to her arms.
The doll I am working on know to identify is this one. She is marked Midge 1962 Barbie 1968 by Mattel Patented. Japan is on the bottom of her foot. She also has no neck splits. There is light green at her ears and a couple of spots of green on her arms. I am working at trying to identify her so I know who she is and then see if I have the outfit she wore. Any help is always appreciated. I will continue over the next days to share my other finds in this box of Barbies from the auction.
Thanks for stopping by and if you can help me on identifying this doll thanks. Grace

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