Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Books, Books and More Books Hunting Book Stores For Treasures

I believe you can never have enough books around, that is unless they are totally over powering your life. As long as that is not happening I am always on the look out for another book to either read, sell or eventually both.
Today the errands were to go to post office to mail books we had sold go to the library to take out a book for our book club ( a Case for God ) and lastly to go to one of the small local book stores to see if they had books by a couple of authors.
Yesterday we had visited a book store run by a church. I had taken along my copy of  " Book Finds How to Find, Buy and Sell Used and Rare Books" by Ian Ellis. I thought it would be interesting to search their book shelfs to see if I found any of the 1,001 books that could be found and may be collectible.  The clue is collectible because author's can be popular and hot and go down in value at the whim of the public.
We only had an hour so I searched the mysteries to see if I could find anything. This is a used store that gets their books by donation only so what you find is what has been dropped off. There are alot of the popular authors on the shelves. The only author I found that was on my watch list was Lia Matera. Here first four books are were printed in paperback only and then she went to hard covers of her mysteries.  I found an ex library copy of "The Good Fight" in hard cover and a copy of "A Hard Bargain"  also in hard cover.  Both are first editions but of no real value. Though " The Good Fight " is first title in hard cover published being it is an ex library copy makes it a reading copy only.  The other title has no real value and also a good reading copy and then both will be sold eventually.
Todays bookstore hunt was to a paperback exchange. I found 4 titles by Lia in paperback with one being her second title. So that was fun to find.  They will all be gently read and then put up for sale. At this time I am putting a value on the 2nd title she wrote in paperback at $10.00.
Also found were two titles by Brian Freeman to read.  His books may not sell for much, is location is my home town and he writes a great mystery. I now have several of his books and most are signed and for sale on Amazon.  I am hoping to get them read before they sell.
Time to go and list some of my books to sell so I can continue my hunt of books. On my to do list later this week is to search the thrift stores and another book store to see what can be found.

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