Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Are you hoarding coins? Here is interesting article on why some people are hoarding pennies and nickles.

I have been putting pre 1982 pennies in a large bottle. I believe that it will be a long time before the goverment allows copper pennies to be melt. But in the mean time I am having fun looking through pennies, sorting any wheats I may find and putting pre 1982 in this vintage bottle I bought at an auction.
I have been saving nickles and dimes from my change to put in my savings account. Painless way to save some money. I also throw a dollar or two in a cookie jar. Just added $40.00 to savings account last week from my cookie jar. I took the tin that was full of pennies to the bank. We added $12.95 to savings account today towards the start of an emergency fund,  $62.95 so far. I want to start with a minimum of $1,000, snowball two small loans and then work to pay off the car.
I will have to check out the hoarding coin chat site soon.
Are saving your pennies or do you plan to start saving your copper pennies? I plan to roll up my copper pennies and sell on eBay when I have a desirable amount. This will then be added to emergency fund.
The nickles and dimes being thown into jars will be brought down to the bank next time I fill up my penny tin.
How is your emergency fund coming? Are you working to pay down your debts to become debt free?

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