Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Life Goes On One Photo At A Time 12/5/12 From My Picture Window

Here is a picture of my beautiful city, Lake Superior and bridge from my front window. Last year I was doing a blog where I attempted to take a picture one day at a time. Life got busy and I did not keep up with the blog.

This morning as I took this picture of my beautiful city my thoughts went to that blog. I went and visited some of the pictures I took and memories came back of part of that year. The idea was take part in Project 365, a picture a day. There are pictures of my city, my lake, my grandchildren, food we cooked and food we ate out.

We had just moved back to Duluth, my home town, relocating from the Houston, Texas area. We rented the tiniest of apartments, steps from the beach but so small we had to move a year later.
So here we are in an apartment near the hospitals and views of the lake that are breath taking.

We are in a much larger apartment and have a view of Lake Superior from all windows. Project 365 is a great idea to see your life one picture a day.

Enjoy this wonderful picture of Duluth and Lake Superior. Grace

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