Sunday, March 29, 2009

Never To Late to Start continues

Well I have been blogging for almost a month. This has been a tough month for us financially. We are living basically on cash only. No charging on credit cards for the first time in awhile.
We have also been busy trying to sell some of our items so we can move to Texas. So much stuff. I am a pack rat. Sales have been slow at my internet site and at my part time job. I would like to have a sale but our apartment is so small and there is so much stuff hard it is hard to think of having anyone come here. It all seems so over whelming.
We found an apartment in Texas which requires a deposit plus they want a fee of $125.00 called an Administrative fee. Basically paying to have them prepare the paper work. What a gimmick to get more money from us. To top it off they want money immediately to save the apartment. To do this you need to pay on line at their site, oh by the way that is a cost of $19.95 every time you do that. Not once to set it up but every time you pay. Well of course I complained that this is throwing money down the toliet. I have done a lot wrong financially but I rarely used ATM's and I surely to not want to pay this $19.95 fee. After some complaining they agreed to waive it this time for us. The ladies at the leasing office shared that some tenants do this a lot. Hey guys, if you pay your rent every month this way because you do not want to walk to the office that is $239.40 a year.
So much to do before we move at end of April.

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