Thursday, April 2, 2009

Guide to using coupons

Guide to using coupons
Here’s a guide for different options involving coupons
Use coupons in the Sunday paper. Look through the ads, cut out the products you use and redeem them. It’s a pretty simple strategy. Buy two papers if you need extra coupons.
Use coupons in conjunction with sales. Get a copy of the weekly flyer for your grocery store and buy items that are on sale and you have a coupon for. If your store offers it redeem the coupons on a "double-coupon day."
Learn the fluctuations in prices. Keep a price book to determine when a sale item is truly a good buy. After tracking the prices for awhile, you’ll learn to spot a great price without your book.
Stock up on rock-bottom prices. Using your price book, when product hits it’s lowest price, use all your coupons for that item and stock the pantry. The rule of thumb is to buy about 12 weeks worth, as that is the typical time before the item will hit a rock-bottom price again.
Use a service to tell you what to buy. There are sites that specialize in putting together lists of the above information for you. They match the sales, coupons, and rock-bottom prices:
Grocery Guide
Coupon Mom
The Grocery Game (paid site)
Trade or buy coupons. Need more coupons for that terrific sale? Use a coupon trading site or clipping service to purchase multiple quantities of the coupons you need.
Trading Sites
Coupon Forum
Coupon Chix (now a paid site)
Coupon Trader Central
Sites to Buy Coupons (Clipping Services)
The Coupon Clippers
The Coupon Master

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