Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Building a Cookbook Collection the FRUGAL Way

I love cookbooks, to be honest I love books. Before I semi retired hubby and I owned a used bookstore. I am always on the out look for books at estate sales, thrift stores and garage sales. I buy the ones of interest and resell on the internet to supplement of our income.

Until they sell , the cook books are mine to read and enjoy. I build my collection of cook books as I find ones I want to own either for awhile or for a long time

Some of my favorite cook books are

There is a breakfast recipe in the above cookbook, I have made in the past that is delicious, will have to make again soon.
This oldie but goodie from 1963 has a wonderful recipe for a beef stew and pot roast.

I also have a three ring binder full of recipes I love. Find a recipe you like scan it and put in binder. You can then resell your cookbook and get back some of your money.

This is my idea for enjoying cookbooks the frugal way...

Thanks For Stopping By... Lets Keep Saving Together... Grace

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