Thursday, January 28, 2010

Eating From The Pantry Challenge End Of The Month

Well the month has come to almost an end and eating from the pantry has been a great challenge. My pantry is still full of certain items. I plan to still work at clearing it out over the month of February.

There are items that we will definetly need to buy for the pantry, I like canned vegetables for a quick dinner and I do not have any pasta left except for 1/2 a box of shells.

Unless it is a fantastic price I will avoid buying anything during the month of February that I have plenty of in the cupboards.

I see some things at Krogers in their mega sale that I will purchase but not much. Plan to stock up on the Can't Believe It's Not Butter while I can get it at a good price and I can buy one tidy cat at a fair price.

I have stopped buying diet coke at the store like I did. This is saving me at least $30.00 a month. My goal this year is to drop the extra weight I am carrying. I have decided to join Curves and this savings is almost my monthly membership cost . I am going 3 times a week and am enjoying the ladies and the commitment.

Hope that you have had a great month on using from your pantry. The money I saved from not buying as helped in other areas we needed money for. Sadly my savings has not gone up except for $21.00 that I got in refunds so far this month.

Thanks For Stopping By... Lets Keep Saving Together... Grace


  1. I did not participate in the challenge but I did work to clean out my pantry... I can't believe how full yours still is.... mine is almost empty. Thank goodness Kroger is having a Mega sale this wee.

  2. yes it is full but of certain items and still low on other things. Need to hit the Kroger sale for can't believe it is not butter great price thanks for stopping by