Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Eating From The Pantry Challenge

Well we are now into the 3rd week of the pantry challenge. We have done fairly good spending less at the grocery store. The money has not gone on to bills or savings though as of yet. The savings has helped us in other areas.

First week I was able to get my husband's suit pants shortened using part of my grocery money and last week I treated my self.

I am doing taxes part time at H R Block and wanted my nails to look nice so I pampered my self and got nails done plus a hair cut.

Looking nice thanks to cutting back at the grocery stores.

Total spent was $19.77 rather than the normal $65.00 a week I budget.

Pantry is getting low on some can goods but still have lots of food in my pantry.

Added up our eating out cost and it was on track. Not less but on track. We save on eating out by eating at places are more frugal, not buying soda out or using coupons to cut the cost.

How are you doing with your grocery budget .. do you see any good deals out there you want to share..

Thanks For Stopping By... Lets Keep Saving Together.. Grace

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