Friday, July 2, 2010

Busy Packing And Eating From Pantry

We have a big move coming up end of the month. We are moving from HOT Texas to COLD Northern Minnesota. Can't wait to get there and see my son's and grandchildren often. As I pack a few boxes every day I am also trying to either eat up items in my pantry or giving away somethings that I have way to much of.
Last night was my fantastic ( I think ) Spaghetti Dinner and tonight it is Sloppy Joe's.
This is keeping me away from searching and buying some deals. Eat up and Use what I have is the mission.
What I have learned is maybe to not over buy and keep more of my money in my pocket. Deals are important but when you have a year's supply of something that is over doing it.
We have been working at trying to put more money into savings so we can pay for our move out of our pocket since we no longer use Credit Cards for anything.
Well back to packing..

Hope that you all have a wonderful 4Th of July and stop by again.

Remember... Never Under Estimate The Value Of A Small Amount Of Money ... Grace


  1. Good luck on your move! I'm from Mpls & miss it, so I'm a bit jealous. Please keep up the blog and let us know what's happening up North!! :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I will be keeping up with my blog when in Duluth. Should have more time. I am excited. We are renting a SMALL apartment .. half of a duplex within walking to the beach of Lake Superior.